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It appears my good buddies in The Krewe have created The Krewe Summer Blogging Challenge. The challenge is to write at least two blog posts a week for 12 weeks over the summer.

Consider this challenge accepted.

So, what can we expect coming up?

  • I still have the Kinect v2 Alpha kit. Some of you may have seen me use it in talks.
  • I need to make some major API changes in The Krewe WP8 App. Plus, I may have Xamarin on board to help with getting the app to the other platforms.
  • I am determined to learn F#, and I'm taking all of you with me.
  • I am teaching a college course this summer. I want to post some commentary on that side of training.
  • I am sure some biometric stuff will come up.
  • Anything else you guys may want.

I have created tasks on my schedule to get a new blog post up no later than every Tuesday and Friday. We'll see how that goes.

Wish me luck.

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