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BizTalk Visionary,

A lot of noise around cloud and in particularly Microsoft Windows Azure is the ability to scale up or down at will. This is a very important aspect of the whole cloud story but it is also something that ...

Laurent Bugnion,

I just pushed a new version of MVVM Light to Nuget. The new version is The difference towards the previous version ( and this one is that I am not depending on the CommonServiceLocator ...

Scott Dorman,

As web developers and consumers, we’re all familiar with the HTML <input> tag. This is the tag that renders on the screen as an input text box. However, as developers you may not be familiar with ...

BizTalk Visionary,

At long last we have the Office 365 we deserve or do we? The concept of Office as a service is exciting and means for the average user both business and consumer access at a sensible price to the full ...

Vincent Maverick Durano,

Vishal Ranjan invited me to have a short interview about myself. The details of the interview was featured in his blog here: Interview with Vincent Maverick Durano Technorati Tags: Community,General,Asp.NET ...